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"Go Back"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Go back   Hornet.wav

This spirit is speaking to Corpton(an energy source this is always with me) he said to him "Get out of him"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Get out of him  Hornet.wav

"I'm Corpton"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Im Corpton Hornet.wav

Light an auger" (Auger spectroscopy involves inducting the auger effect with an electron beam, typically involving kinetic energy) - I find this facinating that this spirit suggested this.

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/light an auger     mist    Hornet.wav

"Use your control"( Corpton speaking to me after the auger comment)

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Use your control  Corpton Hornet.wav

"Dude this is woket"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Dude this is woket  Hornet.wav

"She made those noises"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/She made those noises  Hornet.wav

(This was a sailor who wanted a cigarette) "Yeah"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Yeah like the cig   Hornet.wav

"I will touch it" (Same spirit, reffering to a lighter)

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/I will touch it  Hornet.wav

"Lighter" (Same spirit)

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Lighter  Hornet.wav

"Bart Walker"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Bart Walker Hornet.wav

This is the sound of water at the end of an inaudible evp from a sailor

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Water Hornet.wav

"They love this stuff" Us looking for them I presume me means!

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/They love this stuff  Hornet.wav

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