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"Do you want a drink"?

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Do you want a drink  Feed Store.wav

"I can push us in violence"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/I can push us in violence Feed Store.wav

(1)"What happened to the guy with the trenchcoat"(2)"Fuck the guy DeVault"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/What happened to the guy with the the trenchcoat fuck that guy Devault Feed store.wav

"You will inspect my sister's stuff"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/You will inspect my sisters stuff  Feed Store.wav

"I can cope  with you"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/I can cope with you  Feed Store.wav

"Why are you here"?

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Why are you here  Feed Store.wav

"They hurt me"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/They hurt me Feed Store.wav

"Tompson" (spirit box)

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"Daddy won Texas" (little girl, spirit box)

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"I can do the talking buddy" (spirit box)

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/I can do the talking buddy SB Feed Store.wav

"Stephine" (spirit box)

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Stephine SB Feed Store.wav

"We run for Vicky" (spirit box)

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/We run for Vicky SB Feed Store.wav

               NOW FOR THE PHONE STUFF (evps)

THe sound of a heartbeat, and "What"?

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Hearthbeat and what Feed Store.wav

"Survive the castration"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Survive the castration Feed Store.wav

"Get Closer"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Get closer  Feed Store.wav

"Walk well in sin"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Walk well in sin Feed Store.wav

"Im comin back heathen"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Im comin back heathen Feed Store.wav

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