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                                                                              The Ghost of Scott's Hearse


 The Hearse

  • 1969 Cadillac Superior Combo Coach
  • Out of Tulsa, OK



  • He never stayed too long in one place
  • He liked to drink
  • He had many women, but no family
  • He owned a funeral home
  • He loved his hearse

Reported paranormal events inside Art's Hearse


 For those of you interested in getting behind the wheel youself inquire within, and we will check with Art.

 If you sit in the drivers seat, there is a very good chance you will feel a heaviness, or paranoia.

It has been said Art thought a woman's place is in the kitchen, and birthing babies, and had no business inside his car.

Jenny Ault has never been allowed to start the car. Scott jumps in and it starts right up.

Ice cold air has blown out the vents in the summer heat, only on Jenny, the car has no A/C.

A female friend of theirs hair has been pulled hard enough to move her head.

Both women above have come out of the car with unexplained brusies.

Smiley faces have been drawn from the inside windows on both the front an the back.

Both psychics that "read" the car say they heard a humming like to a tune?

Art never planned on leaving his car, ever. It seems he took his own life inside of it, and there he still remains. The photo to the left looks to me like he is sitting sideways with his feet outside the car, wearing a suit jacket, typical of a hearse driver.


Art speaks...


 http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com//Art can you hear me yes ahh oh.wav


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