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                                              B   E   H   I   N   D

                                              THE SECRET WALLS

"Meet at a location"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Meet at a location masonic.wav

"That boy is hot"!

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/That boy is hot masonic.wav

"Marco, you were born in the eye now you are needed here"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Marco you were born in the eye now your needed here masonic.wav

"I'll have a cola"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Ill have a cola masonic.wav

"Look outside"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Look outside  masonic.wav

"Let's talk to Gene"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Lets talk Gene masonic.wav

"Leave it Damon"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Leave it Damon masonic.wav

"We talk of 1845"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/We talk of 1845  masonic.wav


http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Mal'akh  masonic.wav

"The Juice"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/The juice  masonic.wav

"The Hoffman Secret"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/The Hoffman secret  masonic.wav

"Im  musidik, no shit boy"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Im musidik no shit boy masonic.wav

"I also embody it"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/I also embody it masonic.wav

"Let all the apprentices in"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Let all of the aprentices in  masonic.wav

"I am here for all my brothers"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/I am here for all of my brothers  masonic.wav

"Cut the throat"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/cut the throat masonic.wav

"Forgive him"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Forgive him  masonic.wav

"Get off your frugal throne"

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/get off your frugal throne masonic.wav

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