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SHADOW MAN in Oakpark

Posted by Marco on May 31, 2011 at 11:18 AM

With some new photos along with Scott's recent experience in Oakpark, we will begin a bit of a search for this shadow man who seems to roam this place. First of all I had a co worker tell me her story of a night her and two friends entered Oakpark one night after midnight awhile back. The three of them were walking down the roadway the runs through there, all three of them stopped in their tracks for no reason, then watched in horror a black shadow figure cross right in front of them. They freaked and left. Two nights ago when Scott and I went to locate a specific grave, we stuck around until dark to take photos. Now while walking past a specific spot Scott said we needed to take pictures in that spot later when it gets dark. Finally it was dark an we ended up seperating. I was on one side of the park near a big ass tree, and didn't know where Scott was. When I startedd walking in what was his direction I heard him calling me, sounding a bit rushed. I asked him where he was, and as I followed him back to where he came from he told me what had happened. He was on that very spot he said he wanted to take photos at, while he was he saw something coming toward him in the darkness. While he was watching it run toward him, he thought it was me trying to scare him so no photos were taken. Then he watched this black shadow figure run past him and sink into the ground. He was totally freaked out for the next two hours. Not many things shake up Scott givin the house he lives in. I did evps at the spot and we tried to get him to come back out. I have posted some of the evps that I caught from this shadow man. Is there more than one? Who knows.



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Reply a scott ault
12:07 PM on June 10, 2011 
yes marco ive been doing this for a long time and never really had anything scare me before, but then again ive never had anything rush me before. next time he better look out because ill be running at him lol

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