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Haunted Presentation on August 17 2013

Posted by Marco on June 20, 2013 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (8)

We were asked to investigate the Carnegie Library in Upland California since this year is it's centennial. It served as such from 1913 to 1969 when the doors of the current public library opened it's doors. We asked if we could investigate that as well. It's a very large library so we  were fairly certain it would be well worth our time. Boy was it. Come and find out what we caught. It goes way beyond a ghost. 

  The renovated Carnegie Cultural Center is located at 123 D Street, east of Euclid. That is where the presentation will be held, although the city library where we pulled the out of the ordinary paranormal stuff we are used to is right across the way from the Carnegie at 450 North Euclid Ave.


Posted by Marco on February 26, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (19)

Ok. So for those of you who watch the show probably agree with most people that a good majority of the episodes can be boring or full of orbs as evidence which gets old. For those of you that have looked at our evidence on this site know that it goes way beyond orbs, and strive to continue to consistanly bring people compelling things to look and and listen to. We hope that you will watch for our episode, We insure you it will be entertaining.




Posted by Marco on January 31, 2012 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (3)

Thanks to those who attended our first academy and making it a success. We are proud to be a part of bringing Graber Olive House to the fore front of haunted places where it truly belongs. I do hope everyone had as good as a time as Scott and myself did. Besides the unexpected cold ass tempretures after the sun went down. Any questions or comments about anything are welcome, and we will respond as soon as we can. Just keep watching because there is always going to be more.



Paranormal Parasite

Posted by Marco on September 24, 2011 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (4)

It is very interesting how we never stop learning from experiences. That is ofcorse how every one of us from the time we were born "learned", from experience. From the time I began investigating on a regular basis, which was when I started the research while I was writting my book at the time, I was asked; "do you protect yourself before you go in to a place"? My answer was no. Why? As deep as I am involved in this field and through several evp's over the years I have heard that I personally am "unatainable" to the darker spirits, that I am protected more than many other people, I never gave it much more thought. That is until now.

The night after me and Scott did the Grove Theatre the first time, Scott became very drained beyond just being tired, or needing more sleep. For an entire week he did nothing but sleep since he could barley keep his eyes open. He went to work, drank 3 energy drinks, went home and fell asleep for hours. I hardly spoke to him that week. I had no idea what the hell his problem was. Then he calls me and tells me he thinks he has an attachment. At the time he wasn't ready to get rid of it just yet, incase it was Sam Kinison (it could happen) but I told him that was doubtful. Two days later he told me he was having a wiccan friend come over the following night to remove this thing that nearly made him rear end a car since he was falling asleep at the wheel. He asked me to come by when she was going to be there to remove "it". Just because I talk to spirits on a regular basis, and even catch a ghost on film every now and again does not mean I am not a skeptic. I am, and things have to be proved to me, much like most people. It's not that I doubted his friend was incapable, I had just never experienced such an event before.

She came in with a couple of bags full of stuff like spices and spools of thread and candles and Im not sure what all else. Scott was instructed to go buy a good size amount of sage, and an oil called.... damnint it starts with a P, I will add that later. So she conjours up this concoction in a mason jar, throws several balled up indivdual strands of thread in to the mix, lights a tall pillar candle, a red one and anonits Scott with sage and this oil. She talks a little bit but I can't hear what she is saying. Then she asks me to record what she says to this attachment, to see if he has anything to say about the choice he is given by her. She tells him he needs to leave Scott and his family or she will bind him to the jar. I went over the recording and heard nothing. Whihin minutes, Scott was back to normal. I couldn't even believe it. Then inside the jar appeared this bound up form of sorts, and I was like what? It's in there? Sure enough. The moral here is don't assume your safe all the time when investigating like I do. I'm going to have to remind myself before going in to these places that I might be next. Keep that under your hat my friends. There is a photo of this thing that drained scott's energy daily for a week on the photos page since I can'y get it in here.


SHADOW MAN in Oakpark

Posted by Marco on May 31, 2011 at 11:18 AM Comments comments (2)

With some new photos along with Scott's recent experience in Oakpark, we will begin a bit of a search for this shadow man who seems to roam this place. First of all I had a co worker tell me her story of a night her and two friends entered Oakpark one night after midnight awhile back. The three of them were walking down the roadway the runs through there, all three of them stopped in their tracks for no reason, then watched in horror a black shadow figure cross right in front of them. They freaked and left. Two nights ago when Scott and I went to locate a specific grave, we stuck around until dark to take photos. Now while walking past a specific spot Scott said we needed to take pictures in that spot later when it gets dark. Finally it was dark an we ended up seperating. I was on one side of the park near a big ass tree, and didn't know where Scott was. When I startedd walking in what was his direction I heard him calling me, sounding a bit rushed. I asked him where he was, and as I followed him back to where he came from he told me what had happened. He was on that very spot he said he wanted to take photos at, while he was he saw something coming toward him in the darkness. While he was watching it run toward him, he thought it was me trying to scare him so no photos were taken. Then he watched this black shadow figure run past him and sink into the ground. He was totally freaked out for the next two hours. Not many things shake up Scott givin the house he lives in. I did evps at the spot and we tried to get him to come back out. I have posted some of the evps that I caught from this shadow man. Is there more than one? Who knows.




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