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 Graber Olive House was featured on My Ghost Story for season 4. It was called "Fear the Creeper" We had a blast filming it, and had over 65,000 views in the five months it was on their You Tube. It has been pulled down since season 5 is about to start. Thanks to all that watched us on it!



"Luke" bouncing his red ball in the labeling room, Graber Olive House

http://darklandsparanormal.webs.com/Yeah Luke.wav  Luke are you here?  "Yeah"

    Darklands. Storage Wars. 6.17.2014 on A&E


                                          INTERDIMENTIONAL TRAVEL UNIT

  http://youtu.be/YzZcv1N8UeM  Caught inside the Upland public library in May of 2013. The speculation over these months have lead to the real possibility that whatever this object is that landed for a moment and gone the next is some kind of inter dimensional unit. We have audio supporting it's physical nature to be that of graphite. Watch the right side of the screen near the archway door.

Visit "The Ghost of Scott's hearse page and hear "Art"

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Female spirit kneeling at grave

This photo was taken at Oakpark, in Claremont California by Scott Ault.



This could happen to you. Ask Scott. Paranormal parasite attachments...that's what Wiccan friends are for.

Find any team anywhere. Well almost.


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