Darklands Paranormal


"Go Back"

This spirit is speaking to Corpton(an energy source this is always with me) he said to him "Get out of him"

"I'm Corpton"

Light an auger" (Auger spectroscopy involves inducting the auger effect with an electron beam, typically involving kinetic energy) - I find this facinating that this spirit suggested this.

"Use your control"( Corpton speaking to me after the auger comment)

"Dude this is woket"

"She made those noises"

(This was a sailor who wanted a cigarette) "Yeah"

"I will touch it" (Same spirit, reffering to a lighter)

"Lighter" (Same spirit)

"Bart Walker"

This is the sound of water at the end of an inaudible evp from a sailor

"They love this stuff" Us looking for them I presume me means!

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