Darklands Paranormal


Due to the high number of evp's from Graber Olive House they had to be moved to their own place, called Haunted Graber

"Honey you hurt me" Graber Olive House in the loft (click Haunted Graber tab for more out of Graber)

"God needs his son back" from Those Heather Guys, Upland California

"Nathan" out of the Edison House Heritage Junction

"Coffee will hurt you" Old Church in Rialto

"This is Satan, bitch back out of it" Lake Elsinore

"Baseline" is repeated after me upstairs, 4th ST

"Let me speak I'm just Cody" out of Fourth St. residence

Art can you hear me? "Yes hmm, Oh" - (Art's the spirit that stays in the hearse at Scott's house)

Art says "Ohh" again. In a surprised way I suppose

"I hate Bobby" from the Grove Theatre

"Sky" from the backyard at Stonehenge

"Stick" from the backyard at Stonehenge

"Lets see the jungle" from Stonehenge, this area has alot of foliage

"Now he's bisexual" from the backyard at Stonehenge

"Camera" from the basement of the Copper Museum

"This is Juan" from the basement of the Cooper Museum

"Raul" from the Civil War room Cooper Museum

"Don't cry" from the holding room phone, undisclosed place

"Im Havla hello" from Pasadena private residence

"God" then "Dr Sheppard" from Dr Ensign House

In the Skeleton Lounge Ault property, a spirit mimics me and says "Well"? 

"Marco can fly how?" - Brickhouse, Porterville, CA

"I must kill you"  Downtowne Bookstore Riverside, California

Know what I'm sayin? "Yes" K   Downtowne Bookstore Riverside, California

"What about the strike"? from crash site on Euclid and I Ontario, California (Scott's)

"There are seven" in front of the projection room door in The Granada Theatre Ontario, California

Are you afraid of me? "NO" - Captured in Butler Bros. building in Ontario, CA

"Three must move us"After I counted to 3 Oakpark Claremont, California

"He's hurting me" - Oak Park Cemetary, Claremont, CA

"So you can talk to me?" - Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

"My name is Corpton" - Ault house, Ontario, CA (from Portal sound file)

"God" - Ault house, Ontario, CA

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